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Batterymall.co is your one stop shop for all your portable and alternative energy solutions for a wide variety of applications!

We are part of a robust network of battery dealerships with leading battery brands and replacement services across the globe and can provide you with the required battery requirements and solutions whenever you need them.

Through our extensive dealer network, Batterymall.co can provide you with leading battery brands and replacement service for your Power tools, Mobile phones, Laptops, Barcode Scanners, Two Way Radios and Vacuum Cleaners. All of our batteries meet or exceed the buyers' expectation at very competitive prices. Besides our excellent collection and quality, you can depend on Batterymall.co for outstanding customer service.

FREE Shipping - Our commitment to you

Low Price - We deal with factory directly

High Quality - Fresh stock from a professional battery specialised factory

Friendly Customer Service - Local & personal touch from a family run business